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Heart of a man ; Opened like a book

Who Am I ?

   Well ... However you have reached here . Now it is time to know about me .

   I'm Abhi , I like to called like that . My full identity is Abhishek KP S/o K Padmanabhan .  My birth place is Kannur and I moved to Calicut as part of transfer got to my father's career,also it is his land ;)

   Now I studies in Govt. Mopla HSS Quilandi , One of the top 10 Govt. HSS in Calicut . It was all because of a simple fact happened at my 15th year . In my SSLC examination of 2012-13 academic yeaer , by chance I got A+ grade in all subjects which was the top most dream of an under 16 student of our time . It's after effects made me reach were I'm now.


   This website is my heart , like an open book . I've nothing to hide away from anyone . It makes me happy .